Phone cases these days are a necessity everyone wants one which does not only protect your phone but is also according to your style but finding a phone case that is both strong and according to your style can be very difficult but luckily for you.

We here at CigarClothing bring backwoods phone cases that are perfect, not only someone who is a fan of backwoods but also loves edgy and cool phone cases.

What is Backwoods Smokes?

Backwoods is a cigar company from the USA. The company started in 1973 they gained a lot of customers at that time. It is still to this day is one of the most famous cigar companies out there. They mainly became famous because of heavy advertisement and their merch products were sold all over the world but today we will talk about Backwood Phone cases.

Backwoods iPhone cases

Now, these iphone cases are available in a variety of designs and also for different phones but let’s discuss what they have in common.

Premium quality Backwood cases

These backwood cases are made up of the highest quality, they are very reliable and durable. They can easily resist strong impact and keep your phone safe. The best thing about the cases is that they are long-lasting hence your money will not be wasted.

Phone Covers to relish

These cases are available in plenty of different designs from vintage cases to edgy and cool ones all of them are amazingly designed and are perfect for any gender.

The backwoods phone cases that we offer are available in such a large variety that you will definitely find something that you like. We absolutely love each and every single one of them but the vintage ones are very popular and are sold all around the globe.

Long-lasting Backwood Phone cases

These phone cases are long-lasting like discussed above, they are reliable and durable but these phone cases don’t have one of the most major flaws of a phone case, they can easily be cleaned hence they last for a long time and keep your phone safe and clean. Their color is not lost when you clean them hence they are highly reliable.

Vast Inventory of Cigar cases

Backwood does not only offer cases for iPhone but also offers them for android moreover they also offer iPhone 7 plus headphone cases. They also have stunning designs and are durable and reliable, they are also able to resist strong impact. We highly recommend buying these, they are available in a number of different designs and each and everyone one of them is perfect.

Where to buy iPhone 6 case

iPhone 6 cases are available at our merch shop along with iPhone 5 cases and backwoods 6 plus cases.  All of these are available at our shop at they are also available for android as well.

So What Are You Waiting For, Shop Now!

If you are a fan of vintage phone cases and you can’t find one that is authentic, modern, and cheap at the same time then these backwood phone cases are a must-buy for you.

Our Website also contains a huge wardrobe of Backwoods Hoodies and T Shirts, so be sure to give them a look too!

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